6 Important Parameter to Track your Website Quality

Nowadays, Internet is a huge collection of information and we can get any kind of information on single click via website or web page. looking a nice of website is not enough, if you’re seeking good quality website. Quality of websites can’t be measure by their attractive look and catchy graphics feature. Attractive website can be fake and a normal website can be good, it’s all depends on quality parameters of website, through which, we can judge the quality of any websites.


These parameters are as follows

  • Page Rank(PR) – By the help of algorithm, google gives a rank to every web page of website between 0 to 10. It’s denote the relevancy, trustworthiness and quality of website.

Example: http://twitter.com has PR-10 (Highest Ranking)

Tool for checking Page Rank – http://www.bulkdachecker.com/

  • Domain Authority(DA) – Domain Authority is related to the age of your domain, which need time. It’s strength of your website w.r.t. time. It can be calculated by the point score between 0(lowest) to 100(highest) score. It related to entire domain either main or sub-domain.

Example: http://twitter.com has DA-100 (Highest Ranking)

Tool for checking Domain Authority – http://www.bulkdachecker.com/

  • Page Authority(PA) – It’s logarithmic scale vary from 0 to 100, where 100 denotes quality and most relevancy of web page among all the webpages of same website. So, higher the PA value, higher the chance of web page to get in google search because high Page Authority value denotes the relevancy of web page w.r.t. contents (Quality Text, optimized Image) of that page with related query on Google Search.

Tool for checking Domain Authority – http://www.bulkdachecker.com/

  • Alexa Rank(AR) – Through Alexa Rank, we can get the idea about the website, Is this good or bad? Alexa is a company, which assign some rank to all website all over the internet, it’s ranking depends on the number of relevant traffic on your website. This rank can be move up and down, depends upon the performance of website.

Tool for Checking Alexa Rank: http://www.alexa.com/

  • Citation Flow(CF) – The number pointing links to your influential URL, or you can say that the number of people, who’re talking about your url on internet. Citation Flow is directly proportional to the number of pointing links to particular URL.
  • Trust Flow(TF) – It’s depend upon the number of relevant links (trustworthy and relevant traffic) who’re pointing to your website. Greater the number of high authoritative and trustworthy backlinks, greater the Trust Flow Value. High TF is also relates to high content of that website.
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